Hey Y'all - I'm Jamie, owner and creative eye behind Jamie Hinkle Photography, LLC.  Living with my hubs and three, yes, THREE girls in Warrenton, Virginia.

I love cursive, the movie cocktail, Coffee, even if it takes me 5 reheatings to drink, anything my daughters make me, squeezing on my baby girl, the rare times I'm in the car alone when I can roll the windows down and turn the music up, reading, cookies, donuts, basically anything I can dip into my coffee, traveling, staying up way to late, pasta, pizza.. okay CARBS, art, history, bubbles baths, random internet searches, and kitchen dance parties. Oh and if you are an active or retired member of the armed forces.. THANK YOU for your sacrifices.. my dad was USAF and well he is my hero <3 To learn more about him and my mission to #GiveBackforGrumps please check out www.facebook.com/givebackforgrumps.

Some things I love less... spider webs, menus that have too many pages, nuts in cookies or ice cream, putting away laundry, or let's be honest, folding it, running, unless I'm chasing my girls,  even then I wish they would just walk, and flights with layovers.


Since I'm sharing the real me, I want the real you... the laughs, smiles, the chaos, bring it my way and we'll capture some memories together... and all those moments in-between <3

Thanks for stopping in and please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions or to set up a session!

- J

Photo credit to my oldest daughter <3