Jamie Hinkle Photography: Blog https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog en-us (C) Jamie Hinkle Photography [email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) Mon, 28 Mar 2022 16:47:00 GMT Mon, 28 Mar 2022 16:47:00 GMT https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/img/s/v-12/u83797015-o334797824-50.jpg Jamie Hinkle Photography: Blog https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog 120 120 Boat Song : Family Photographer - Herndon, VA https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2018/12/boat-song-family-photographer---herndon-va I was greeted at the door by two little ladies with bouncing curls. I asked if they could introduce me to their new baby brother. Excited and proud to be the new , "biggest" and "big" sisters they pointed straight to sweet Lincoln. 11 days new and bright eyed. 

Those of you who know me as a photographer know I live for the moments in-between.. the ones when you're looking at each other- your family - the people who matter most. Kids make that part of my job easier and for these sisters, it was no exception. They played, giggled, danced, jumped and loved on Lincoln, just the way big sisters do.  

I hope this slideshow always reminds them of how precious their first days at home were. xox


Song: JJ Heller "Boat Song"

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I Get To Be The One : Family Photographer - Warrenton, VA https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2018/10/i-get-to-be-the-one-family-photographer---warrenton-va I’m sure they hear it a lot.. heck with 3 girls I hear it… “Wow you’ve got you’re hands full…” and I know it’s mostly well wishers.. the ones who tell you in the next breath to cherish it all because, ‘’… it goes by so quickly…” and it does.. it really does. However, this is what I know after our hour together - their hands are full but their hearts are overflowing for these four boys.

Jamie wrote me and said she couldn’t miss the opportunity for some messy fun with her favorite boys and thats exactly what happened. 

They painted and then they painted some more. First the canvas  then themselves and then each other.  The smiles and giggles.. I didn’t have to work for them.. I mean I gladly would have but I didn’t have to. I rarely do when paint is involved.

I know thats part of why I love these sessions so much. I know its part of why I keep holding them. The “Love for Lucas,” Crayola donations were born out of a moment Lucas’ mom wondered what his favorite color might have been. Every time one of these kids shouts out that they want blue or green or purple, I think of Lucas. I think of the thousands of Crayola boxes that have been donated in his name and I think of the hundreds of kids that have been able to shout out their favorite colors while being treat at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

So thank you to The Simon Family for bringing your favorite boys to meet me for some messy fun. I hope our time together reminds you that while your hands were so full of paint your hearts are so full of love <3 


Slideshow Songs:

JJ Heller : I Get To Be The One

JJ Heller: Sunshine 



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My Little Girl: Family Photographer - Warrenton, VA https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2018/9/my-little-girl-family-photographer---warrenton-va  

The S Family lives right down the street from us... and currently we (for the next few days anyhow!!) have six daughters between us, pretty close in ages - grey hair anyone, haha. In the very near future they'll be welcoming a sweet little boy to their home and we couldn't be more excited for them. <3

I know how it can be to round up the kids and husband for a photoshoot so I thought what a perfect way to capture the miracle of pregnancy  and let your kiddos run wild than a paint session. This is win win. It's full of fun and paint and you're supporting one of my most favorite "campaigns."

For six years now - each new school year I've helped one of my dear friends collect brand new crayons items for the heart warriors at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in honor of her son Lucas. Lucas was only 17 days old when passed away from complications due to a congenital heart defect (CHD). 

The "Love for Lucas" Crayola donations benefit the CHOP Child Life team who are helping kids and their families fighting CHD issues. In a recent conversation between a Child Life Specialist and Lucas' Mom, she was told, "... the donations were used at Halloween for patients allowed to trick-or-treat on the Cardiac floor. I was told the color wonder books were used as Christmas presents for the heart kids spending Christmas in their hospital rooms. The paint and paper was used at this years CHOP Summer Camp because there were so many packs to spread around! The modeling clay has now turned into a full family activity to enjoy when visiting their Heart Heroes. But, what hit me the hardest was what was said at the end of the email: " ...your Lucas is everywhere in this hospital, and we all know his name."

A few years ago I held a paint session for Gina, Ben and their rainbow baby. At the end of the session.. a breeze came out of no where knocking their canvas over.. and in that moment Gina told me it was the first time she felt like her whole family.. both her babies were together. Since that day I knew I had to keep the paint fight sessions going. 

If you aren't in Northern Virginia but still want to donate a crayola item in honor of Lucas please use the link below. They'll be hand delivered by Gina and her family the weekend of Lucas' 8th Birthday in October <3

Crayola Donation - Love for Lucas

... To the S family.. thank you for being such great sports and supporting "Love for Lucas!" - Slide Show below. 


Song : My Little Girl - Tim McGraw 


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Happy: Family Photographer - Warrenton, VA https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/10/happy-family-photographer---warrenton-va First things first:

Happy Birthday Grandma Joanne!


 I am so excited that we were finally able to hold a #CrayolaLoveForLucas paint session for the Shifflett/ Walker families. In the past 3 years that Ive been holding the sessions between South Florida and Northern Virginia we haven't been able to make the dates work.. BUT.. 2016 was the year.

I absolutely loved the idea to gift this session to the kids grandma - like most grandmas I know - she loves these little ones with all her heart. A keepsake canvas, a slideshow and a handful of happy moments of the gigglest bunch, that sounds like a good day to me.

The best part of these paint sessions, besides letting the kids run wild, is that almost the entire session fee goes towards buying a Crayola donation in honor of baby Lucas and the 17 days he blessed all who knew him. Lucas should be turning 6 this month..he should have started Kindergarten, and he should be telling everyone he knows his favorite color. Thats how #CrayolaLoveForLucas came about you know.. out of the curiosity of who Lucas would be today, what his favorite color would be. Nearly 1 in 100 babies are born with a congenital heart defect.  These crayola products go to making the hospital environment feel a little more colorful for little heart warriors at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

With this session alone I was able to send over 30 sets of window markers and stamps to be delivered later this month.

I know everyday my friend Gina wakes up and puts her feet on the ground it's to take care and love on her precious rainbows Ella AND Benjamin and to honor her boy Lucas. If you'd like to be a part of donating new Crayola products towards #LoveforLucas - click the link below and Let's get this Amazon wish list filled:: items purchased ship directly to Gina, who will hand deliver the entire donation to the child life team at the children's hospital of Philadelphia mid October.


Once again thank you so much to the Shifflett / Walker families - for supporting the 2016 Crayola Drive.

Music: Instrumental // Happy Upbeat by Sophonic Media













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So fill your heart... https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/8/so-fill-your-heart For those of who have seen my posts on facebook- about #CrayolaLoveforLucas - that we were collecting crayola donations to benefit children with congenital heart defects who are treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of Lucas, the son of my friends Gina and Ben, who at 17 days old passed away from complications due to a congenital heart defect.- Thank You, Thank You. For those of you who shared posts... and sent donations - Thank You. 

Want to donate to #crayolaLOVEforLucas but can't make it to the store.. click this WISH LIST below and your crayola purchase will ship directly to Gina for their Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia delivery.


The paint sessions were a blast... now, here's the story. 

I starting writing this draft blog - by explaining about how Gina and I knew each other, that we'd met nearly a decade ago, how we fell out of touch and how I reached out to her after having K when she was pregnant with Lucas, about how she shared with me that he had a heart defect, how excited I was to see pictures of her and Ben in the hospital with Lucas, then I deleted it all. Nothing I could write would ever be able to express what my heart wants Gina to know- which is I will ALWAYS be here for your family...  to remember Lucas, to listen to you, for a hug, to capture precious moments as the years go by, to say nothing at all.  xo Jamie 


"Thank you Jamie, thank you for giving me this, all of it. The whole day, the whole day of being with my whole family. Just thank you"

...so fill your heart with what's important && be done with all the rest... <3


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This Kind of Love: Family Photographer - Jupiter, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/7/this-kind-of-love-family-photographer---jupiter-fl So here I was once again.. clicking through song after song. And then: light bulb moment. As we are packing up- Ive had to box up all my canvas' (insert SAD face), but it has to be done. A few years ago after we moved in, I got a little Martha Stewart on some canvas.. and painted out the lyrics to Sister Hazel's, "This Kind of Love." When as I was sliding the canvas into the box - Reading over the words, I knew this was the song. 


This was my 3rd session with the Medwid Family in the last year. Each time they show up in front of my lens.. the twins laugh and giggle, play shy and more than anything light up when they are with their parents. 

As I write this blog post, it was a rough day in my house. Lots of bickering, emotional women running around. I cried. I sent out a few S.O.S texts to my best girls and as soon as my hubs walked in I took a much needed time out.


Now... replaying this slideshow... watching these little in between moments. Moments that fill up our days. The ones that make us wish there was a pause button. I'm gonna hit publish.. and Im going go hug them. Hope y'all have the best night. 


 Music by: Sister Hazel - This Kind of Love 


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Freeze Frame Time : Family Photographer - Palm Beach Gardens, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/7/freeze-frame-time-family-photographer---palm-beach-gardens-fl If I’m being honest, one of the most difficult parts of putting together a slideshow is picking the music. I have, without exaggeration spent 2-3 hours, per slideshow, listening to bands, artists, reading lyrics, matching notes with images.  

A few years ago my cousin sang a cover of Brandon Rhyder’s, "Freeze Frame Time." This song resonated with me. … and a year ago, no really an entire year ago, when Gina and I started talking about doing an at home session… I knew this was THE.SONG. Well…then we found out she was pregnant, and thought,  "..ahhhh we have to wait for the at home session til the baby is born…” then sweet Luke came along… and a piece of my world came crashing down with the passing of my dad the very next week. Once again… session on hold. Months passed by.. but last week the stars aligned and I headed over to their home the morning of 4th of July. 
In the last three years of friendship, we know the deal: Hug, Coffee, mention of toys everywhere (sorry, not sorry haha)…then right into whats been going on. When I walked into her house the morning of the session, her husband was upstairs playing with their oldest, Gina was holding baby Luke, and M (3 years old) was asking me where Rowan was. We spent the morning like they would any other. It was random, chaotic, full of “let’s do this, then we’ll do that.” Sneaking cookies, baby giggles, coffee, car races, legos, book reading, bath time, more coffee.. and more than anything, getting their entire family in the frame. 
This morning, Gina dropped by my house to watch her slideshow…(Remember: Hug, Coffee, mention of toys everywhere (sorry, not sorry haha)…then right into whats been going on:  picking up her birthday gift (only a week late… thats how we do it y’all <3). I danced around my living room with Luke, while Gina got to watch 5 minutes of 2 hours built on the last 12 years: 
“ Honestly, that video is my life, at any given day, in all it’s glory… we created it and you captured it in a way that I can always remember. It’s like I always get a freeze frame of this time. Because as crazy as it is i know i will miss it and feel sad when its over. And now I’m crying again.”
Thank goodness she teared up.. because I did. I always do.
When we add our own soundtrack to life.. when we see the moments, with out hearing the laughs, the “babe… can you grab this?,” or “mom, watch this, and this, and this,” the text message dings, the cries, the whines… its all pretty damn amazing. 
Music by: Brandon Rhyder “Freeze Frame Time” 
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Personal: A Resting Place- Arlington National Cemetery https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/5/personal-a-resting-place--arlington-national-cemetery

A week ago, April 25, 2016, was the first birthday (and wedding anniversary) in 33 years that my parents did not spend side by side. That’s right- they shared a birthday, born a year a part. This year we celebrated my moms 55th Birthday, and the 55 years my dad spent on this earth. 

There are no days that are easier than others- no days when it seems more fair. A few days before their birthdays - the sod was laid around his headstone… and if I know my dad.. there is nothing that would have made him happier than to have received grass on his birthday.
There is no good way to introduce this slideshow to y’all… it was one of the most surreal days I think we’ll ever live through. A full honors burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The letter below was written by me to the Chaplin conducting the service.. and in part read aloud.
As always thank you so much for your continued love, thoughts and support.
Jamie, Jane and Kimberly xo
Chaplin Foust, 
 I am responding on behalf of my mom and sister to your request for personal insight on my dad, MSgt Gary Herman.
 I've tried numerous times to condense into a few minutes or a few lines what kind of guy my dad is... was. It's increasingly diffcult as the days pass- memories of the extraordinary man he was flood each quiet moment I have. 
First and foremost he loved life and always had a "suck it up" attitude.. the kind of guy who would remind you that someone else had it worse off if you thought your day was bad. Whether it was POWs, or guys deployed... whatever he/ we had facing- it could be worse.
I remember growing up, going to work with him one day while he was running the SERE candiate school in San Antonio- he talked to those guys about how the Army would show you how to do things.. and well in the Air Force - they were to teach you. Thats the kind of guy he was. He would make you work for it but there was always a lesson - he was an instructor- to the core. 
A friend for 20 something years recently told us that dad, " Always had on hand time for his people, a stupid joke, his 100 percent effort toward everything and grace toward his troops when they needed the time to get through the dumb crap they were pulling."
Thats how he was as a father as well. He was our go to guy. Whether it be school, job interview, boyfriend problems. We brought our concerns, our fears, our hopes to him. Looking back he was always fair and just - he treated my sister and I as peers. In grade school when punished.. we had to do push ups. In middle school - we'd write papers on topics hed pick. 
As for my parents -  They married after knowing each other 4 months (and really only seeing each other for 14 days)... their entire relationship up until the very end was a true adventure. Nearly 33 years.  Ups and downs- but always together. That was our family. We loved deeply and we laughed loud. 
When he was diagnosed 8 years ago- we were blind sided. He was seemingly "invinceible." Since that diagnosis hed survived 2 serious resections of his colon and liver - around 7,000 hours of chemo and a few dozen other small procedures.  Our family added two son in laws and 4 grandchildren (5.5, 3.5, 2.5 and almost 2). In that time he did another 2 tours over seas, my parents moved from Virginia to Texas back to Virginia, He medically retired from the CIA and they moved to Florida 18 months ago. He lived out his days in the sweet sunshine - taking his boat out when he could and being adored by his grand kids. 
Over the course of his 20 year military career and his 15 years in the government - Id say he carried a repuation for being one hell of a guy. The kind you wanted on your team. The first to raise his hand- his sacrifice to his country was unwaivering. 
When I try to think of all the reasons he is missed by so many.. I think of him as a chameleon. If he sat around a poker table he wasnt afraid to call you all in, in the field hed show you how to build a fire out of rocks and survive eating grass hoppers, in the office he'd run a meeting in his 3 piece suit - with my daughters he would twirl around making up songs about princesses, and with my nephews it was all about fishing lures and matchbox cars. He played a strategic computer game with his best friend every friday and watched Bachelorette with my Mom Monday nights. If he was eating at a mexican restuarant he spoke with a spanish accent and if he was watching football it was all about the Titans.. and the Oilers before that.  He rode motorcycles with his sister and got a line wet with his dad every chance he got. He'd take his mom to the library and then to an action movie. He'd debate with me and make up rap songs with my sister. 
He was truly one of a kind. 
I hope this gives you a little insight- jumbled and random.. but isn’t that the way life goes. 
Thank you to my friend Rachel - for the incredibly tough job of being behind the camera for this session xox
Music by: Brantley Gilbert - One Hell of An Amen
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Daughter: Newborn Photographer - Palm Beach Gardens, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/2/daughter-newborn-photographer---palm-beach-gardens-fl Two and a half years ago, The Arthur family, booked me for their daughters 1st Birthday cake smash. This was my 6th session. Yes.. single digits. I remember Jackie and Jon for their humor and easy going personalities. Jules dove right into her cake and I thanked my lucky stars that we got a little sun flare and not a lot of cars passing by that evening.

Decemeber 2014, Jackie's family was visiting. With the forewarning that they can be a little loud a crazy. We booked their session in downtown West Palm Beach, and they did not disappoint! So many laughs... except for Jules.. because you know all the best ladies take time to warm up, haha.

.... and here we are two and a half years later. Over the summer The Arthur Family found out they'd be adding another little lady to their family. Sweet Jessica, born December 28th, a few days short of a month old for our session and Juliana (who promptly let me know that she no longer goes by Jules) were rock stars. The most amazing thing about at home sessions is.. hello- they are at your home. I was able to take some time with big sister, we made cupcakes in her kitchen, we talked princesses, her little personality totally shined. And as most tiny babies do.. Jessica was perfectly content to be held the entire session.. which I love- because that means more of everything I want to capture.  Everything I remembered from each time I've photographed their family- it's all right here. Full of love and giggles, full of silly faces and embraces. Jessica is the most lovely addition to this family. I'm so glad to have been there for so many of the memories that cover their walls. Ahhhh ... so here it is.. The Arthur Family's slide show!




Music: Daugther by Loudon Wainwright III

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Personal: For the love of Benny https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/2/-kisses-and-sand---juno-beach-florida
Last year a client of mine asked if she could include her two dogs in their family session.. my answer, "of course," but then we got to talking... one of these dogs- well he was getting a little older, a little more grey, walking a bit slower. He'd been with her.. before kids.. he'd seen some things. As I photographed her family, made her slideshow, I thought to myself, Benson is going to be 9 in September. Most of our family sessions have been taken on trips while in Virginia... sans Benson :( Do I have pictures of him.. of course, but I wanted a session that fit our family and what we love to do with Bens.. and thats head to the dog beach.
As most of you know the last 6 months, well they've been rough, and in all honesty the last 8 years have been one hell of a ride. A combination of hoping for better days and trying to get through the rough ones. Looking back realized I adopted benson 8 years ago the weekend of this photoshoot.. only weeks before my dad's initial diagnosis. eight.years.ago.
And like all faithful best friends... he's seen some days. He's made it 9 years, 7 apartments/ houses, 3 states, 2 kiddos and 1 husband. Numbers 4, 5, 6, 8 and involve times he's run away, thrown up on rugs, played with the kids and that I've wanted to kill him... Not in that order. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled for him to stop barking, or that I nearly cried when I walked into my living room a few months ago and ehe'd eaten an entire box of organic cookies i'd just bought earlier that day. He would pick the organic ones.
As the weeks pass and Ben's once black face becomes more salt and pepper and he's moving a bit slower, a recent trip to the vet and some disheartening news and I decided we just couldn't wait any longer. So in true Jamie fashion.. planning is NOT a strong trait of mine. I texted my good friend and local photographer Leah Hartman Photography on Friday afternoon around 2:30pm and we were on the beach at 5:15. There wasn't time to go shopping, there wasn't time to worry, or bring props. I curled my hair instead of washing it, and grabbed those jeans K is wearing right out of the hamper. We showed up, we were us and Leah caught the love and chaos of our family perfectly. Covered in kisses and sand.
I don't know how much time Benson has left.. if he keeps eating my cookies, it will be less, but I can tell you how full my heart is knowing that we didn't wait and that I'll never have to say.. I wish...
xox, J 
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Personal: We Love You Dad https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2016/1/we-love-you-dad There are so many thank you’s to send.. for your kind and thoughtful words, flowers, food, to each dollar donated in memory of dad, your memories, pictures, and your hugs full of hope. We thank each of you.
As the days pass, the waves of grief roll through, we laugh, we tear up, but we keep going.. we keep moving forward.. together, as we always have. We savor the photos, the videos and simply remember. We loved deep and we laughed loud .. We never wasted a minute together.. and for that we are always thankful.
For those of you could not be at the memorial service we wanted to share the slideshow that played.
You'll also find the link to the MSgt. Gary A. Herman Memorial Fund... We hope that with the support of our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc... we can continue to contribute to the USAF - SERE Association and other Veterans in need, in Dad's honor. XOX, Jane, Jamie & Kimberly
Music credit:
Toby Keith - American Soldier
Brooks and Dunn - Believe
Cole Swindell - You should Be Here
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Future Days: Newborn Photographer - Jupiter, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/11/future-days-newborn-photographer---jupiter-fl I've been feeling like the, "memory keeper," of our family lately. Clearly - always the person with camera in hand.. iPhone out for videos. The, "okay, just one more,", "Yep- move to the right a little," "Okay - she doesn't have to smile if she doesn't want to." Sometimes I think its a little too much... until I go to look back, or the girls watch videos from days, weeks or years before and I think these are the seconds I want to relive over and over again as the years go by. Treasuring the minutes that have gone by while always looking forward to those yet to come.

And to be honest, as odd as it may sound, I feel like I'm a little bit of a memory keeper for your families too. When I send off those images, when I create the canvas', the prints, the slideshows. I relive our sessions, the laughs, and sometimes the cries, the invitations to breakfast... or not too long ago, the cutest little guy asked me out for drinks! Ha. I love it all.

The Tanner Family in home session was full of all of my favorite memory making moments:

giggles, jumping on the bed, reading, squeezes, story telling, gorgeous window light, lots of asking to see the back of my camera, pups, bedroom tours, an outfit change, pumpkins, crowns and a 6 day young baby that let me bounce her to sleep— and then kept sleeping (total score!)

After 2 hours, I walked away feeling such warmth and love... and a little bit tired, because you know a 3 year old and newborn are hard work.. haha. I've watched this slide show a dozen times.. and each time I think- ahhhh how lucky I am to be a part of these moments. To witness to the lives that these parents created.  Hope you enjoy <3


Song: Pearl Jam "Future Days" - Requested by my clients... and it.is.perfect.



[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) family jupiter light natural newborn photographer https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/11/future-days-newborn-photographer---jupiter-fl Fri, 06 Nov 2015 02:38:46 GMT
An Open Letter https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/9/An-open-letter_JHP An open letter to the client waiting to book their session:
I know the task of setting up a photo shoot seems daunting. Your schedule, outfits, will the kids cooperate, your significant other is definitely not on board. You don’t really love how you look right now, you’re hoping to get to the gym and then book a session. You need a hair cut, and haven’t painted your nails in weeks. It’s an investment, there are so many photographers. How do you pick the right one? How much time, how many images? You have an iPhone, you have plenty of  photos of the kids.
Now.. you are in front of my camera. You wore jeans because you like them more than a dress (I LOVE THAT!), your significant other put on what you laid out (YES!), and your kids are wearing their favorite colors (THEY LOOK ADORABLE!). You seem nervous, (don’t worry), this is the easy part. This is where you get to spend an hour with your family. You get to smile and laugh, you get to chase and giggle, you get to hug and squeeze and tickle. You get to stand back and hold hands with your partner and just be in the moment. Because you’ve hired me and I’m capturing the moments in-between. 
As you walk away, and get into your car and head home (handing out all the bribes you promised pre session), you are going to be exhausted. You are going to feel like that was a whirlwind. You’ll wonder if I got some of the kid(s) smiling at the camera, and probably question why I asked if you and your partner want a few shots of y’all alone. Your significant other may say that wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be (Score!). Maybe you’ll wonder what took you so long to book a session. And you’ll probably rethink the moment I hugged you, I can.not.help.it. Your family just became a part of my life. 
I’m going rush to put those images on my computer. I’m going to flip through them to find a moment that makes my heart skip a beat. There isn’t going to be one, there are going to be dozens.  When I send your gallery off, I’m sending you a little piece of myself. When you let me know that those images brought you to tears, , that moment right there. That is what I offer this style of photography.
That is why I want to be a part of your story. 
xo, Jamie
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Personal - A Guiding Light : The Journey to Kindergarten https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/8/kenleyandgrumps Lately, I feel like I've been doing a lot of talking; about my dad, my daughter, his fight with cancer, our family, his journey, today, yesterday... I've been on the verge of tears, okay, have been quietly dropping tears via text messages to my closet friends, with a froggy throat on the phone to my husband and basically anytime I sit down at my mac to type a post. 

This morning went off better than I could have planned... I sat on the edge of K's bed at 7am, rubbed her back and told her I was ready for my first day of school, to which she laughed and told me is was HER first day and that, "that was a really short night of sleep." Which of course I already knew because I went to bed at midnight replaying the moments from the last 5 years in my head (ugh, I'm tearing up right.this.moment). The moment we first set eyes on her, the 13 days we visited her in the NICU, the exact moment I held that tiny folded flag up to her and took the photo, and the first time my mom got to hold her at 7 days old. Then I remember the first time she fell asleep on my dad, when she was a month old and how he said it was the greatest day.  There have been a thousand firsts in our lives since those days, all of them passing, without knowing if my dad would be around for the next one... and yet here we are. Her first day of kindergarten. 



Below are excerpts from my dads Caringbridge account... started on April 16, 2009. 


 May 28, 2009,

“….yes, I am tired, and have side effects, but see them as a small impediment to my quality of life and believe that pain is worth developing an even more positive outlook i have on life than i already do. all of my conversations are richer and my day to day experiences are generally fantastic.  I have met great people which i would have never known.  when told by medical professionals you will die within 20 months, even with radical treatment,  it will alter your outlook.  I would ask that all of you think this way too...let's say you had 20 months to live....really, how would you act towards others....what would you do.....what if you knew you would live longer and beat the odds, as I will…”


August 1, 2009


"…Jane is my guiding light.  My girls are well, and they  know they must take care of their side of life so that I dont need to worry about them.  As you know, kimberly finished her graduate work at George Mason, and  will enter the workforce soon - after she chills for a couple months.  Jamie  and her Beau  are doing well in Palm Beach and making a go at working, living, and enjoying the Florida shores.  Jamie is our brilliant wild flower looking for the perfect job ( sleep all day for 100k  a year) and loves her dog and her man.  Kimberly enjoys embalming bodies at the local funeral home when she's not working out  ( man are we crazy hermanoids or what!)  for know I think she will drive a beer cart at the local country club.....all that edumakation coming to fruition! …

..the conditions couldn't be much better for my survival, and it is simply up to the grace of god as to whether I fully recover. this must be the truth, but also I/we must do everything we can to prepare.  I am ready, but this is major surgery and it does not come without risk.  so  thanks all and dont worry 'bout me, so let's pray for the 18 yr old sons and daughters oversea's who really haven't lived a full , robust life and get them home safely....


Nov 4, 2009


"Hi there- its Jamie.. 

Mom called 15 mins ago with GREAT news.. the surgery was SUCCESSFUL and dad is currently in ICU….
….We all want to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 
As soon as I hear more I'll update again.
Xoxo- J”


Nov 5, 2009


"….Dad says, "I'm sore, but its a good sore. We are going to beat this thing. We need to be cautiously optimistic - the next 3 days will ultimately determine whether it's all been worth it. The doc says hes happy with outcome." ... Doc says hes not out of the woods yet.. but Dad says," at least I have a map and compass."


May 20, 2010


"….Well, it's been six months since my surgery and four months since I stopped my chemo - 636 hours, I believe, in total.  Since then, I fell out of a plane at 11,000 feet on a military tandem parachute jump, spent 30 days runnin and gunnin in B-dad, flew in several different helocopters and planes and ran 3-5 miles per day last month in 100-105 degree temps in Iraq.  so, I am getting back to my way of livin' thank god and feeling pretty good...."


Jun 26, 2010


"….It's Official!   I am a grandaddy!   Kenley Jane Hinkle, born 3+ weeks early - on Father's day - just for me. We've held back a bit, as she was in intensive care on a ventilator for 3-4 days, but seems to be gradually improving each day. jane is there now, and jamie is doing well. 6.3 lbs, 20 inches, a head of hair, hair on back, lol, long wirey arms and an attitude. ( some may have called her a spider monkey, sshhhh). really she is absolutely gorgeous straight out of the womb.

i hope to be around for a while, statistically ( but you know how stats are) we're looking at no more than 5 yrs ( for a normal person) and perhaps 7-8 for a superman. I'd like to think I am the exception and with you all by my side, with jane, New grandbaby, and Kimberly beginning her career teaching 3rd grade ( go aunt bo!) , there is much to live for..."


(When garebear did his first tour in 2004 he gave his girls these flags with a little note before he left.. these last 6 years have been one hell of a ride... and its not over yet. i know kenley gets her fight from you.. we love you so much.  this ones for you grumpa! xox JJ)


July 12, 2010


"….I am leaving  tomorrow to see my first grandchild. the last year and a half has been a struggle for sure, but being able to hold a grandbaby is a feeling that has kept me going. I hope it will continue to give me strength.

aint out of the woods yet, but have a map compass, and now a guiding light, albeit a small one - namely Keney Jane..."


September 5, 2010


My initial prognosis was confirmed as stage iv colon cancer metastatic to the liver and I was given 18 months, even with treatment. 18 Months ended last Tuesday night.

First mission accomplished! 

 Regret the posting delay, but I guess I was a bit superstitious.  As mentioned earlier, now my new prognosis is a 50% survival rate @ 48 months.


Septemeber 10, 2010


"....good night gbaby Kenley. I am praying every night to take you to kindergarten, as i bought you a camouflaged back pack with a red/white/blue bear I got in iraq before i was medi-vac'd...." 


Novemeber 11, 2010


"...like defeating the japanese in ww2, my cancer struck like pearl harbor, and we lost part of colon and liver, but we didnt give up.
we then pressed hard making sacrifices - like side effects- and landed on many unknown islands in the south pacific losing good men and women. but in the end we won those battles, made airstrips and ultimately won the war of attrition. i think me and all of you are winning tis godforsaken cancer war one prayer at a time.  when we fly close together in a tight formation, we use the wind beneath each others' wings to stay aloft. this is the case. thanks all! I wont let you down. thanks god for my wife and girls, they make me want to live.

sincerely, GRANDPA GARY hahahahahahahaha.
stay tough baby kenley, kindergarten is one day closer for us!"

December 28, 2010


Anyway, I reflected on what is important and after holding Kenley and watching both my daughters being successful at work and family, it reminded me that I simply cant give in to this cancer.  I have to take granbaby to school and also ensure a safe terror-free world (or neighborhood at least). To this end, we'll keep plugging along - as the side effects are now second nature and that's life.  Thanks all for keeping me pumped up.  I am certain most of you reading this are making resolutions as well.

We can only do so much, but positive mental attitude, continued spiritual growth and conviction is/has/will continue to fuel my/our survival.  I feel as though I will be around a while.  Initial prognosis of 18 months surpassed. My last prognosis stated 50% survival rate of 48 months - that was 7 months ago. So while stats are simply stats, I think i'll beat the odds.


June 7, 2011

 "...it may not be the best decision to travel from a purely chemo standpoint, but for psychological reasons and to continue to maintain high standards of personal and professional goals, I must stay focused on something larger than myself and not dwell on the negative.  I think that is why I am still here - and appreciate again, all the support to date.  

...and of course, everyone.  thanks folks, so i will keep in touch, but for now - nothing for a while, as i am foregoing chemo for now and will get scanned in a few months."


July 18, 2012


MY lifespan is still uncertain, but doctors initially said 18 months in March of 09.  now, they say, I could be that 6% that make it, and with faith, support and a positive mental attitude going for me, as well as good responses to the marvels of modern medicine, I could slip through the crack to death...as I have yet another grandbaby to walk to kindergarten in 5 more years.

October 27, 2012


The truth: Chemo slows you down, makes you feel tired, you lose a sense of urgency. On my regimen,  you cannot drink anything unless room temp. The first bite of any food source causes unbearable pain in the lower jaws and teeth that brings tears.Your fingers are tingling to the point where you cannot touch anything, esp cold, as it is like touching a car battery. But of course you much touch something, so you just do. You get varying degrees of nausea and heartburn.  The chemo turns your digested food into paste, and constipation is deadly. Eyesight and hearing also are affected. 

But most of all, I miss being a better, more active person.. as I often just want to sit on the couch and chill. Everyday you must remind youself NOT to feel sorry for yourself and do not entertain depressive thoughts. these are words from POWs.


April 2, 2013

All said, your caring bridge entries will help me through. I had this stage IV B stuff now for exactly 4 years this month. Remember they said 18 months even with treatment?  and only 8-12% survival over 5 years.  so,I am pretty sure I have a fifth year "in me".  you all have been with me...sharing the burden.

Grandbaby Kenley will be three soon and my goal was to walk her to Kindergarten...so I gotta hold on...now with Gavin being 10 months, I really gotta hold on.  Man what a journey.  Today, I dropped Jane off at the airport -to go see Jamie, TJ and Gbaby Kenley in Florida. When we hugged before walking away into the airport, it was 650 AM. the sun was just coming up over the treeline, a sunrise. I said Jane "wait one second"  lets look at the sunrise and say...thank you".  She arrived safely.

I do have a question: If you could know your fate, i.e. when and how you would die, would you want to know?

I can only say while displeased with my prognosis, my days alive are so very appreciated. Maybe that's the message.

September 1, 2013


Yet, my brotha's and sista's! I say again, my brotha's and sista's! can ya gimme a ...AMEN, lol.   no really, I dont think anyone would know ...if they didnt know.    I continue to work full time, and now ride a motorcycle through the northern virginia crazy traffic. I am definitely fatigued - which is the appropriate term vice weak or tired. Chemo fatigue.  But.... I am over what, 4 years and two months. Remember only 10% are statistical survivors after 5 years.  I am confident I am in that group thanks to you all. and yes, grand daughter Kenley is going to begin some "pre-schooling" so I am still hopeful I will walk her to kindergarten - my goal all along. But now I have grandson gavin, aka the gavinator, aka meatball who needs me to throw a football around too...and Jamie has another one in the oven! oh my, now I really need to stay alive. My daughters Jamie and Kimberly continue to be my shining stars in all of this. I am so proud of them. I think they are learning a lot about priorities and perserverance, and that despite seemingly insurmountable odds - you never quit.

My wife Jane has taken the brunt of my mental struggle, and is often the recipient of my anger vented, esp during my bi-weekly rides to the hospital. Kind of like a dog going to the vet, i suspect, much anxiety, and a natural takeover of adrenalin in prep of the 45 hour chemo infusion.


February 15, 2014


“….Well I concluded session 3 of FOLFOX, ye olde' 50 hour drip and then went to Johns Hopkin's hospital for consultation with the world's finest radiologists and then back to Ft. Belvoir for session # 4. Most people never have more than 12 sessions, for me, it's # 64. ouch.

Thanks Jane, Jamie, Kimberly, Kenley! Gavin! baby Rowan! and my latest Gbaby who I will see in about 2.5 months!  can you all believe it..If a terminal illness is what it took to have four healthy gkids, two awesome daughters and two great son-in-laws, it'll all have been worth it! 

P.S, I am a year or so out from getting Kenly to Kindergarten. gotta hang on, but now more grandkids! At this rate, I cant die for another 6 years! Thanks girls, you are not making this easy!


May 17, 2014


Hi Everyone!   well....Friday, 16 May was my last day as a federal govt employee. After 34 years of total usg service, it is over.  I can no longer fight two battles, so I elected to fight one, mine.  I have officially medically retired, sold my home in virginia, bought a home in florida, and  Jane and I just arrived to our new home tonight.   an amazing 3 months or so since we talked last, with soo many changes, but I didi it. 

You can call me ...Mr. Herman, or whatever you want. two weeks ago, I went over 6500 hours of chemo..."



August 10, 2014


Jane and my two daughters are great and my four grandchildren are awesome. I remember my goal was to walk my first Grandchild (when she was born)  - Kenley Jane to Kindergarten. I was in a bad way and this was my motivation. I am one year away from that. Well, I have three more Grandchildren to walk to school now, so this is a real challenge, as I must hang on another 5 years!    
Florida Summers are hot and we are in the rainy season.  With that, I wake up, walk out back and catch a Bass, then eat Breakfast, read the digital Paper on IPAD and then Jane and I hang out in our pool, staring at the palm trees, the lake and the American Flag proudly dispayed in our yard. After that, whatever we want to do. We are just settling down after a crazy move and a long time to settle in, as I have been flying back to D.C. every week and catching the metro to the hospital and then flying back. 


December 24, 2014


We've exhausted most cancer treatment capabilities in the Virginia area and with the conclusion of my recent, not too helpful weekly medical trips to/from Bethesda  in the anti PDL-1, phase one clinical trial, we are just now able to settle into our home and establish our newly– and fully retired lifestyle. 

Our main focus is being good grandparents for our four grandchildren, (Kenley, 4 1/2; Gavin, 2 1/2; Rowan 1, and Eli -nine months) taking some time out for Jane and I to be together, and pressing on with our continued search for ways to increase my life expectancy due to my terminal cancer- as we are nearing the end of medical marvels to keep me going.  We are so proud and fortunate to have – and be close with-our awesome daughters, their families and all of you who are with us for the journey.

I am still considered a Stage IVb Colorectal Cancer "survivor".   The cancer was in colon, liver and lungs. Colon pretty much ok, two pea-sized tumors back in my lungs ( not overly worried -all things given) and of course those four tumors in my liver - all about the size of a quarter. 

January 8, 2015


Docter said they drained all fluid and freed up approx 85% of liver space. They were able to place a stint which is great news, so no external bag/ drain needed. He is in recovery now and I will update again when I can. 



January 16, 2015


WE will get back in the Chemo Chair on Tuesday, to start the 5 hour, bi-monthly infusions, and 45 hour take home drip pack, and begin the almighty, life changing FOLFIRI chemo mix, with a chaser of Vectivix -the stuff that makes you look like you have measles over your body and gave me foot pain, 
But, we can reduce dosages as needed, adjust accordingly, and at least have a 6 month plan in place that is agreeable to all. SO, back to 100 hours per month to try and shrink these tumors - esp the ones compromising my bile duct area. WE have to do this, Feb 25 is our 6 year mark! and place only < 1% have gone.

Folks, this is where we are. You have all patiently and bravely stood by us, and we have not failed you. Climbing this "mountain" has been easier with this team. We have seen much together along the way and will continue to see even more views and beauty as we begin to climb steeper,  harder and faster again. There is no rest for the weary, and you know our group here doesnt quit. 
Soon we may begin to see the summit that you all helped me climb to. NO matter what, the journey has been amazing with you all and we hope we will continue on a better trail, a longer, prettier trail that allows us to see even more beauty and do more amazing things before the summit confronts us. I will be ready for the climb. Will you be? 
WE will post something in a week or to and let you know how the trail is…



May 18, 2015


Hi All; it's been a while since my last post, but what a wild ride it has been! On the health front, I am hanging in there, grinding away with my 100 hours of monthly chemo and side effects, but doc's say I am stable for now - so, I took a 30 day break from chemo to recover and get some energy back and will resume again tomorrow. 


July 30, 2015


Posted by Jamie: I headed to the hospital around 730pm Wednesday night. Mom had been there most of the day. Around 8, severe chills started to take over his body and by 9pm he had a temperature of 101. Antibiotics  and pain meds given, but with little relief for the next hour or two. His fever rose to 102.5 by 11pm, and his leg cramps and spasms were causing severe pain and increased uncomfortability, this is of course a gross understatement.  Mom and I did what we could, massaging calves and thighs (yes, as his daughter - it has come to this). He was in and out, talking to himself, to us, but really doesn't remember any of it. His next dose of pain meds came at midnight, and finally he was lucid and showing some signs of relief. I headed home around 1:30am, leaving my mom, the absolute patience and love of a saint, with him over night.  

As of this morning, his fever was down to 100,  but he is still not able to eat as the doctor has not been in to see him yet. They have cancelled the scope for today. I will update when I can, and when there is news. 

When I first arrived at the hospital last night, we were talking about a few current events, and dad stopped and said, "I am trained to survive, I look at these situations from a professional standpoint. I see the events with a different knowledge and understanding of what is required to make it out."  We are 7 years further, we are 7 years together. 
Thank you all for your continued love and support to our family. Sharing our laughs, smiles, as well as our sadness and grief.  


After walking K to school, dad promptly came back to the house to hook up for his antibiotics after his recent hospital stay. One hour after that he headed out to the hospital where he started chemo round 144 or 145 (whose counting).  I asked him to write a little paragraph about the day for me to include... and he sent me a version of what I shared with y'all yesterday. So I prompted him again, "I'm looking for the emotion you felt today, the event of actually walking her to school," and he told me...

"Mixed emotions as I wasn't sure If I would "fallout" given 6 years of waiting and holding on. But Kenley looked up and said Grumpa I just want you to love me everyday, and now I am focusing on G-man. Yes, it was a good day, simply put."


Update- On December 18, 2015, my dad passed away. He is missed deeply. To read more about him and his memorial fund please visit. https://www.youcaring.com/the-sere-association-491134



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Forever Like That : Newborn Photographer - Palm Beach Gardens, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/8/forever-like-that On July 6, 2013, I photographed my first official clients, at Juno Beach Pier. The Frasser Family had recently moved to Palm Beach, and wanted to capture their family with newest addition, Jack, who was only 2 months old at the time of the shoot.  What I remember from this day is how calm and at ease motherhood and the chaos that ensues came to Casey, and how Eric, beamed when looking at his wife and boys. I was 6 months pregnant, with my second, taking it all in ;)

Six months later, in December,  they contacted me to update their family photos for the holidays. Seriously, the cutest family. 

...and then back in May, I received an email that they were expecting baby #3, and asking If I could photograph their new family of 5, come July. I have to tell you, I am always so very honored when clients come back to me through the years asking me to capture their most special moments.  With two boys, the Frasser Family waited until July 10th to find out the gender of their newest addition. A sweet little girl, Rosalie, was warmly welcomed into this world. 

I spent nearly two hours with them and well... there was so much love, so much REALness, that I adore everything about this sweet at home newborn session. Rosalie was a dream.. loved being cuddled, held, looked at and as long as I was rocking that cradle with my foot, snoozed away. Biggest brother Brody was on hand to hold and help with baby and while I'm not sure Jack was ready to give up his "baby of the family" status, he came around. Casey, still as calm as ever, lights up a room with that smile. Motherhood was made for her. As for Daddy, I really love the images of them together, looking at each other. I know she'd already stolen his heart by the time I'd showed up haha. 

Wishing the Frasser Family.. so much love and joy.. thank you for letting me be a part of your family <3 


Music: Forever Like That by Ben Rector




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Best Friend : Family Photographer - Jupiter, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/6/best-friend-family-photographer---jupiter-fl Two dogs. Three year old twins. At a new location. Past bedtime. Sounds a little intimidating, right? Well, this sweet session with the Medwid family was anything but. 

I hadn't planned to take any video, but after spending a few minutes with their family I knew I had to.. my heart strings were being tugged at. You see, Grayson, at 12 years old, has been a best friend and side kick to Mrs. M since he was a pup. Before her husband, before kids. I have a guy like that, Benson, adopted from the SPCA in North Carolina, when he was 3 months old.. nearly 8 years ago. We've seen some days together.  

 I really loved that we took some time out for them to get a few photos of their bond. The dogs ended up staying with us for all of the session... and happened to be really well behaved despite warnings that it could get "harry," haha. 

Of course, the rest of the session was as cute as can be, and as you guessed ... those 3 year olds were full of giggles and lots of love for their parents and pups!


Song: Jason Mraz - Best Friend 




[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) Jupiter dogs family florida kids light natural photographer twins https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/6/best-friend-family-photographer---jupiter-fl Fri, 05 Jun 2015 00:45:39 GMT
Better Together: Family Photographer - Jupiter, FL https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/4/better-together-family-photographer---jupiter-fl I don't think I'll ever tire of capturing milestone moments for families. We always shower the babies and kids with so much love, but the parents deserve a pat on the back too. So much time, love, hope, tears... and the list continues... goes  into passing each milestone- they really are moments to be celebrated. 

The first win of the morning was the sweet sunshine... after raining all evening, I woke up to blue skies and golden sun. Yay!! We actually live in the same neighborhood, so we decided on a park near our homes and it couldn't have worked out better. The T Family was able to bring their dog, Bailey, which I loved. Although she was a little bit of a priss (who likes laying in wet grass anyway) and not thrilled to "sit and stare", she really completed the family picture. 

The birthday girl- lit up whenever her momma and daddy were talking and the moments when she was taking it all in, and quietly looking at the camera are some of my favorites. She was a doll. When it came to cake smash time, she's a gal after my own heart.. diving right in! 

I hope y'all can feel the joy and love this family shared in front of my camera.

...and a big thanks to Jack Johnson for always having the perfect music.  Music: jack Johnson "Better together"


[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) Jupiter birthday cake family first florida light natural photographer https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/4/better-together-family-photographer---jupiter-fl Tue, 21 Apr 2015 00:56:40 GMT
Slow the World Down: Newborn Photographer - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/4/slow-the-world-down-newborn-photography---palm-beach-gardens-florida There is no greater compliment or honor than being invited into your homes to meet and photograph your most precious gifts.

Babies are an absolute miracle. A tiny tiny person who will steal every ounce of love (and sleep, haha) that you posses. 
The 2 hours I spent with this new family of 3 transported me back to the first days of being a new parent. The way they looked  at baby T with absolute awe, asking, “is it possible to really LOVE someone this much?!” They were calm, and complimentary, and their home SO FULL OF LOVE. I didn’t want to leave. 
Sweet T, cozied into her momma’s arms, slept for most of our time together. She showed her pretty little peepers and let out a few of the tiniest cries and was right back to dreaming. 
As a mom of an almost 5 year old and an 18m old, I know these moments are fleeting. I look at my girls and wonder how the days passed so quickly.
I hope this slideshow and the images included help to hold on to a little bit of those first few days as a family of 3. As usual, I teared up. I don’t know what it is but it happens every.single.time. Parenthood really is a treasure. 
Once again thank you so much for inviting me into your home, and sharing your sweet girl with me <3
Music by: Erick Baker, ‘Slow the world down"
[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) family florida light natural newborn photographer https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/4/slow-the-world-down-newborn-photography---palm-beach-gardens-florida Mon, 20 Apr 2015 03:39:10 GMT
This Little Light of Mine: Extended Family Photographer - Tequesta, Florida https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/3/this-little-light-of-mine-extended-family-photographer-hobe-sound-florida It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon in Tequesta, nearly 3 hours, 15 people, 700 images later and my second annual Spring Break session with this family was a wrap.  We made it through my preview button on my camera not working (insert absolute panic here), managing to get video of all the kids, and some fun family moments, while only wondering why my shutter wasn't going off a few times. Gotcha ;) We managed to fit in beach balls, shades, a guitar, a dog, bubbles, and the cutest white bench that might not make it to next Spring Break. 

It was hard to believe it had been nearly a year to the day since I had met these families. They are all so warm and welcoming and I absolutely love their enthusiasm and excitement for their session. I have been talking with Mrs. R since the fall. Decided on a date, a rain date, ideas on what to wear, props, locations around the property. Everything came together so well.

Part of my passion for photography is being able to capture the moments in between- The quiet or fun candidness between the smiles. These video projects really are fulfilling so much of what I want to bring to my clients. The story, the memories and those moments in between.


Anyhow.. thanks so much for letting me be apart of your Spring Break and your memories <3 Enjoy!

Songs: Hope Now and This Little Light of Mine by Addison Road



[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) extended family florida hope light natural photographer sound stuart https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/3/this-little-light-of-mine-extended-family-photographer-hobe-sound-florida Sun, 29 Mar 2015 18:13:35 GMT
They call her love, love, love, love, love https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/2/they-call-her-love-love-love-love-love Nearly 17 months ago I photographed Jensen’s newborn session…. and well now she is about to be a big sister. I was thrilled when Heather came to me about wanting to hold a maternity session… paint fight style. With little pressure to “get the shot,” these sessions really are about making the most of your messy moments together. 

I’m a big mess over here.. they didn’t know I was videoing and while editing is always “emotional,” there was something about putting this video together that had me in tears. These moments go by so so quickly. I’m glad I could stop time.. or at least capture it for them. If only for an hour. Enjoy!
Beautiful family. Beautiful session. I am so excited for y’all.. and can’t wait until you are able to hold Baby Girl Dwyer in your arms!
Fun fact: baby's middle name will be Love, as it is a family name... how perfect - right ;) Song: Parachute "She is love" 

[email protected] (Jamie Hinkle Photography) https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/2/they-call-her-love-love-love-love-love Wed, 18 Feb 2015 02:30:34 GMT
BrookeandFarzin_CouplesSession2015 https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2015/2/brookeandfarzin_couplessession2015 I'm really proud to share one of my first projects in 2015... what started as friends visiting from Virginia... and following me into a gorgeous sunlight field turned into so much more. These two were fun and full of life and laughs and not afraid to be silly or serious. I'm not sure if they knew I was videoing half of the time.. and the times they did they never censored themselves. I can not thank them enough!! I had a blast and I hope this video leaves them with the best memories of their session. Enjoy!!


Ps... A huge thank you to my friend Bridgette, from Bridgette E. Photography, in Northern Virginia, for the inspiration.

(Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales is the song) 


Brooke and Farzin - 2015

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So fill your heart... https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2014/9/so-fill-your-heart For those of who have seen my posts on facebook- about #CrayolaLoveforLucas - that we were collecting crayola donations to benefit children with congenital heart defects who are treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of Lucas, the son of my friends Gina and Ben, who at 16 days old passed away from complications of CHD- Thank You, Thank You. For those of you who shared posts... and sent donations - Thank You. 

The paint sessions were a blast... now, here's the story. 

I starting writing this draft blog - by explaining about how Gina and I knew each other, that we'd met nearly a decade ago, how we fell out of touch and how I reached out to her after having K when she was pregnant with Lucas, about how she shared with me that he had a heart defect, how excited I was to see pictures of her and Ben in the hospital with Lucas, then I deleted it all. Nothing I could write would ever be able to express what my heart wants Gina to know- which is I will ALWAYS be here for your family...  to remember Lucas, to listen to you, for a hug, to capture precious moments as the years go by, to say nothing at all.  xo Jamie 


"Thank you Jamie, thank you for giving me this, all of it. The whole day, the whole day of being with my whole family. Just thank you"

...so fill your heart with what's important && be done with all the rest... <3

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Ahhh.... thank you!! https://www.jamiehinklephotography.com/blog/2013/6/ahhh-thank-you For my first blog post... I want to say thank you. Firstly, thank you to my husband, daughter, family and friends, who have supported this dream of mine, sat for countless sessions so I could practice, test light, and try out poses, who continue to provide constructive criticism and sound advice as my journey continues.  Secondly, a HUGE thank you to Bridgette of Bridgette E. Photography who has been so helpful, from sitting down with me for coffee back in January, to setting up the mini session opportunity, such support and advice are rare to find in this industry. Lastly, thank you to all of you! Those who took a chance on me and booked a mini session while I was in Virginia, I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received from you all. To the friends and family of the families who booked sessions and in turn have, liked, shared, or commented and  have brought a larger audience to my facebook page, THANK YOU!! In less than a month I have "reached" so many more people than I thought I ever would, and I want you to know I appreciate it all so much.  

I can't wait to see where this journey takes me... all I know is, I can't wait... and I can't do it with out all of you!

Be on the look out for my next post, a "behind the scenes" look at the the mini sessions!

Xo, J


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